What is metal plating?

Metal plating is a method where metals are deposited on substrates, such as steel or aluminum.  This process is used to coat and protect metals and other materials by forming a thin layer of metal over the substrate. It can be achieved through electroplating or an electroless plating process.  Plating has been around for hundreds of years and is critical to modern technology.  The many benefits of plating are corrosion protection, changing conductivity, improving friction, heat resistance and hardening of materials.


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Why Cerakote?

Cerakote is the World Class Leader in thin film ceramic coating. They have taken the industry-leading performance of Cerakote H-Series to the next level and improved hardness, abrasion resistance, and lubricity, all in a thinner application. Cerakote has accomplished this by developing an advanced resin technology that enables the incorporation of the highest performance engineered ceramics.

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Plating Services

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Cerakote is the World Class Leader in thin film ceramic coating. We offer a distinctive high-end look and feel that you have to experience to believe.

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