Copper Plating


What is copper plating used for? Copper plating is used for heat treat stop off, steel wire for electrical use, decorative, solder, and as a copper plate prior to subsequent plating processes on steel, aluminum, high quality zinc die cast, magnesium, electro less nickel, lead, brass and copper substrates.

Three basic types of processes are commercially available based upon the complexing system utilized:

  • alkaline-(several modifications of cyanide and non-cyanide) complexed bath
  • acid-(sulfate and fluoroborate) complexed bath
  • mildly alkaline-(pyro phosphate) complexed bath

With a higher current, hydrogen bubbles will form on the item to be plated, leaving surface imperfections. Often various other chemicals are added to improve plating uniformity and brightness. Without some form of additive, it is almost impossible to obtain a smooth plated surface. These additives can be anything from dish soap to proprietary compounds.

Here at FPW we do both Cyanide Copper and Bright Acid Copper.